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Chicago Title’s eFarm 2.0 enhancements deliver a more optimized

user experience. The enhanced interface provides quicker results,

updated report styles, no list count limitation, as well as many other

new features and capabilities such as:


Multi-County Searching

The ability to search multiple counties at once.

Free and Clear Properties

The ability to search for properties that have no Mortgages. (Implied)

Neighborhood Searching

Locate communities using turnover ratio statistics, years owned, sales price and number of properties. Filter your search within communities using number of years owned, purchase date and more.

Enhanced Geographic and Combined Search Capabilities

In addition to searching multiple states and and counties at a time, you can even combine multiple types of geographic searches such as polygons from one county and zip codes from another. The options are endless!

Interactive Maps

Intuitive mapping. (Polygon & Radius)

Instant Counts

Get record counts real time as you add or delete criteria to your search.

More Intuitive, More Streamlined

Easier to use, easier to understand. You see exactly what you are searching.

The power of Chicago Title’s eFarms 2.0 is just a click away

and is now available on your Premier Services account.

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